Seven Day Loan

Seven Day Loan
Tiffany Reisz
Published by Harlequin Spice Briefs
38 pages
Available on
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.
5 / 5 cupcakes

If Fifty Shades of Grey was too graphic for you, then you can click on out of this review, because Seven Day Loan might just blow your mess out.

Ostensibly about a submissive woman in a BDSM relationship, this isn’t so much about domination and submission as it is about why we stay with people. Oh, who am I kidding. This novella is about SEX: lots of it, and as kinky as possible.

Eleanor is a submissive to a Dominant we only know as “him.” As he heads out of town for a week, he loans her to Daniel, a friend of his who is getting over the death of his wife three years earlier. Daniel, like Eleanor’s lover, is a Dominant, so when the lover snaps his fingers and makes Eleanor kneel before him, Daniel is neither shocked nor surprised.

So then the lover leaves, and it is GAME ON for Daniel and Eleanor.

Oh, people.

These two engage in all manner of sexual hijinks, including one particularly graphic encounter on the kitchen floor. Daniel reassumes his domination after a three-year mourning period, treating Eleanor as if she is his (temporary) property. She is there for him to use as he sees fit, and both of them know it. Eleanor is a willing, participative submissive, and she believes she belongs to her lover. But Daniel is so tempting, and he can offer her things that her lover cannot.

This is hot erotica, well done. If we don’t understand Eleanor too much – if we don’t understand her relationship with her lover at all – that’s okay. What we need to understand is the passionate connection between her and Daniel, and understand it we do.

Just submit (HAHAHAHA) and enjoy.


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