Wicked and Wonderful

Wicked and Wonderful
Valerie King
Published by Zebra (Regency Romance)
274 pages
First published September 2005
Available on Amazon.com
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.
2 / 5 cupcakes

The title of this book is quite misleading. Not only is the subject matter neither wicked nor wonderful, the characters cannot be labeled as such either.

Judith Lovington escaped a Bad Situation by running off to join a traveling troupe of actors and performers. The group winds up on the grounds of Lord Kelthorne, who has a reputation of being quite the rogue. He and Judith meet cute (in an apple orchard … forbidden fruit and all that) and instantly are attracted to each other.

But of course, this being a romance novel and all, true love takes a while to reveal itself. Raw lust? Not so much. That clicks pretty much immediately. Judith has to slay her personal dragons, and Kelthorne needs to figure out if he’s going to marry the woman his sisters selected for him.

It isn’t that this is not an amusing little book – it is. It won’t challenge you on any level, and you may find it a pleasant diversion. But if you are looking for a Hot Romance Novel, this is NOT the book for you. There is not Hot Romance. There is no rocking of the headboard. There are a few passionate kisses and lingering embraces, but no one’s bodice is ripped open, no one’s breeches are strained by a throbbing organ, and no one experiences bliss amongst the bedding. And that, my friends, make this just a so-so book for me.

Valerie King creates decent characters, but … it just is not a riveting book. I need more, Valerie King. I need some Hot Romance! However, if you want a tame, sweet little story, this is for you.


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