Armchair BEA: Day Three

Today’s Armchair BEA question:  
Share your positive experiences of using your blog
to get involved in your community.
Uh … <crickets>
Okay. I’ve got this. I’VE GOT THIS.
No one in my local community knows that I have this blog, because (a) I’m a teacher and (b) I review things like Fifty Shades of Grey and its butt plugs and all that stuff. So … I haven’t made a positive impact on my community, nor have I gotten involved in it, in relation to this blog.
However, I did start a parent-child book club at the school where I work, and thanks to the blog, I’ve gotten ideas about books for future discussion. That’s good, right? 
Yeah, well. It’s better than nothing, I guess.


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10 responses to “Armchair BEA: Day Three

  1. Hardly anyone in my community knows I blog either – Pretty much the only people I've told are people who wouldn't be interested AT ALL, which is ironic really. But, oh well, there are other ways to network, right?

  2. Haha, I like what you said about 50 Shades. :DThat is neat that you've started a parent-child book club! It sounds like a fun experience.If you have the time, I’d love to hear from you at my armchair BEA post.

  3. Hi, Melanie – Yes, that 50 Shades is something, all right. Something AWFUL, but I couldn't stop reading it. That says more about me than I like to admit.Thank you for stopping by the blog. I did visit yours – I so enjoy discovering other book lovers!

  4. Hi, Anne – I hope there are other ways to network. I guess Twitter is one way. Thank goodness for the 11 sweet souls following this blog! I appreciate every last one of them, even if we are small in number. I think the whole "networking" thing just is not my bag.

  5. A parent-child book club was something I so wanted to do for my building when I was a classroom teacher, and I could never get the project off the ground. Kudos to you! I think that's awesome!Maria

  6. Not many people know I have a blog either. Some people know about it, but don't read it.

  7. This made me giggle. I can understand why you wouldn't want people in your community knowing, though – so many people view teachers as just that, and seem to think they're not allowed to have a social life or read dirty books or talk about things that may be a bit out of the norm. I remember awhile ago reading about a teacher who wrote erotica under a pseudonym but someone found out and the school board wanted her to resign. Pretty sad and close-minded, but there you have it. I do love that you've started a parent-child book club, I think that's fantastic and you're to be commended. I always love hearing about kids reading. 🙂

  8. Hi, Maria – We really wanted more than just women, but it wound up being mothers and daughters. That's one reason why our first book was Sarah's Key, because we knew it would give mothers and daughters a lot to discuss. We recently read Jay Asher's The Future of Us, which everyone liked as well. Getting boys into it is a big challenge, and one we hope to figure out next year.

  9. Laura, I laughed when I read this. No one knows my secret identity, and I hope it stays that way. I shut down the blog I had about teaching, because I was afraid I gave away too many identifying details. If my students and their parents knew I discussed butt plugs and gay lovin', they would revisit the Salem witch trials.

  10. SweetMarie – I read that same article about the teacher writing erotica. In my state, there is no union, and it's a "right to work," which means they can fire me because they don't like my toenail polish. I shudder to think what they would do if they found out I reviewed the Red Room of Pain in Fifty Shades.

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