The Siren’s Song

When last we left the Rissa, Blade and Marisol discovered true love together, after some furious headboard rockin’ both on the ship and in a cave. Now owned by Thayer Drake, the Rissa continues to be a pirate ship of sorts, although the crew calls themselves salvagers, not scavengers.

During a dark and stormy night, Gilly McCoy clings to a broken mast on the Rowena, which has crashed aground near the Rissa. Thayer rescues her, and then, in some fashion, she rescues him. Gilly is a songstress on the run from some thugs out to avenge some wrongdoing by her ex-fiance. Thayer protects her, against all his logic, and, of course, falls for her. Unlike Blade and Marisol in A Kiss in the Wind, however, Thayer and Gilly take a while to rock the headboard. Their romance is not as immediately sensual; Jennifer Bray-Weber gets us there much slower.

Like A Kiss in the Wind, The Siren’s Song involves a tale of pirates and evil-doers. Thayer and Gilly must extricate themselves and the crew from one scrape after another. Fortunately, three memorable characters from A Kiss in the Wind show up here: Henri, the height-challenged chef, Sam, and William. As with Marisol, they develop a fondness for Gilly and encourage her romance with Thayer.

Jennifer Bray-Weber can write some sex scenes, even though there are not nearly enough of them in this book. I like that she writes from both Thayer’s and Gilly’s perspectives, especially when it comes to rocking the headboard.

Gilly’s intoxicating scent drove him mad. He wanted her to enjoy this intimacy as much as he. He wanted her to feel how much he desired her. With her, he’d expect nothing in return. Having her this way was all he required. “You’re so warm, so wet.” Drake deepened his kiss, swirling his tongue across her wet folds, slow and gentle at first. But soon he suckled and lapped faster, unable to taste enough of her sweet juices.

Hot. Hot, hot, hot, hot, HOT.

Sometimes the swashbuckling gets a little bothersome, but only because you want to head back into the captain’s quarters and get these two between the sheets. But it’s a fun, hot read.

At the rate the Rissa is going, it is on its way to being the new Love Boat.

Published by Carina Press and available on
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.


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