18 & Over Blogger Follow # 31

18 & Over is a fun little Q&A run by Crystal at Reading Between the Wines. Each Friday, you are asked a question regarding adult literature. Come on in, dip a toe in the hot tub, and let’s discuss Hot Romance Novels.
This week’s question: Is there a super hawt and smexy bookthat you’ve read and loved but would die if youever caught your mom reading?

First of all, my mother does not read anything not written by Danielle Steele. She has no curiosity about books, which begs the question of how I turned out to be a book addict. (I’m adopted … for real … THANK GOD … because if you knew that crazy broad, you would want to be adopted too.) 
But the book I read that would appall me if I caught her reading is not any of the Fifty Shades variety, but rather Bared to You by Sylvia Day. That one is more graphic than the Fifty Shades, for one thing, and for another, knowing my mother, she would have Questions. And I do not answer Questions from my mother.
So, tell me. Which book would embarrass you if you caught your mother reading it?


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