Kidd Black by Harvey Black & Jonathan Levine

There are some books that you read that must be savored. You pore over every word, swish them around in your mouth like a fine wine, and relish.

Then there are books like Harvey Black and Jonathan Levine’s Kidd Black, that must be read as furiously as it appears to have been written. You start, and you don’t stop until you turn the last page. You can’t stop, for one, and for another, you realize that you are off to the races with this book. In other words, do not start reading it until you can map out a few hours, because you will not be able to put it down.

Kidd Black tells the story of a blue-eyed, half black, half white West Point grad who “died” 18 years previously. But that “death” is for all but the PACT – the President’s Advisory Council on Terrorism – an organization that ferrets out terrorists by using people like Kidd Black. The book starts with Kidd in Greece, hot on the trail of the evil Christopher Dalakos. By the time we get through the first chapter, Kidd has saved the lives of over 5,000 children during the Athens Olympics. Shortly after that, Kidd is called to  help a former West Point classmate, Devon Williams, whose wife, the comely Monique, has apparently taken their daughter and run off with another man. That man, PACT and Kidd quickly learn is the notorious Dalakos.

This book is chock full of two things: action and characters. In short measure, Kidd saves Devon’s life and goes on the run with him and another former classmate, Barry Feldman. As Barry recalls

He wanted to do something for his country and that was that. He was always pushing himself to get in better shape. He used to say, “If I’m not accepted at West Point, it won’t be because I failed the physical!”

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Barry can hear Kidd saying, “That’s the end of the story, back on our heads,” but Barry has already stopped listening because the realization has come over him. It really is Kidd Black.

Doctor Barry Feldman, a man of science, says, “I know there’s a rational explanation for all this, but for now, let me just believe it’s a miracle.”

Then Barry does something he’s never done before in his life. He wraps his arms around Kidd and squeezes him as though he’d never let go. He whispers, “A miracle. A god damn miracle.” 

In addition to Barry and Devon, we meet Monique, who at one time had a “relationship” with Kidd. We also get to know her and Devon’s daughter, Sabrina Rose, as well as Amanda Mason, the President’s Chief of Staff, the President himself, a hired assassin named Karl, Kidd’s parents, and a few others. But you will not get confused. Harvey Black & Jonathan Levine do an outstanding job of giving each character his or her own personality, and even with the very fast-paced action, this is an easy book to follow.

Can Kidd rescue Monique and Sabrina? Will he discover corruption within the government? Will he be the hero? Well, you need to read and find out.

Published by Laddin Press and available on
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.


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