A Kiss in the Wind

Pirates! Lusty wenches! Pillaged silver! Oh, my!

A Kiss in the Wind, by Jennifer Bray-Weber, is a fine example of an enjoyable Hot Romance Novel. Marisol Castellan belongs to a sort of band of thieves, and after one auspicious theft, she runs into Blade Tyburn (now, if that name doesn’t scream Hot Romance Novel Hero, what on earth would). Sparks fly. Tempers flare. Pulses race. Skirts are lifted. Shirts removed. Headboards rocked.

There is, however, a plot that keeps the passion rolling. Marisol and Blade both want to find a missing ship, him because he wants its silver cargo and her because she wants to find her missing brother. All the while, the two tackle their raging desire for one another.

An early passage, taking place shortly after they meet. Blade has just caressed her cheek:

Another ripple of desire spread through her. He rubbed his thumb across her lips and, for a moment, she thought her legs might liquefy under her. She parted her lips and closed her eyes. In the inviting fog of his erotic gesture, she slipped, letting the tip of her tongue lightly wet his thumb. He smiled and nodded once. “Yes, you would be a most pleasing attraction to hasten my return.”

 These two clearly are meant for each other, although at varying junctures, each is convinced the other has betrayed them. The sex scenes are hot. Marisol is a curvaceous woman, and it’s nice to see that Blade appreciates her voluptuousness. She, in turn, likes his hind end and his dimples.

A Kiss in the Wind is a fun, romantic read. There are twists and turns to keep you reading, and the sexy times are nicely disbursed.


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